4 Tips for Work Satisfaction

Feeling satisfied with your job is important to how well you enjoy your workday. Often when we don’t look forward to going to work it has little to do with the job and more to do with something else happening…
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How to set boundaries when working in a hybrid office

Working in a hybrid office can have opportunities for new ways of working. It can also blur the boundaries between the office and home, cementing bad habits that may have formed out of necessity during lockdown. Having good work boundaries…
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Is my redundancy an unfair dismissal?

If you think your redundancy may be an unfair dismissal, the first thing you need to do is take some advice.  In this blog, we’ll look at some of the complex situations around redundancy and furlough. We’ll explain a couple…
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How to manage re-opening the office

Getting back to normal is now an option for UK businesses. But opening with a big bang is unlikely to happen for many. Unpicking all the changes from COVID-19 is complex, especially from an employment law point of view. Let…
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covid safe checklist

Your checklist for a covid-safe workplace

Making sure your workplace is COVID-safe is as much about the wellbeing of your staff and their families as it is getting your business back up and running. We’ve put together a checklist of things for employers to consider when…
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the great resignation man leaving office

Are You Part of the Great Resignation?

Thinking about quitting your job? You’re not alone. Furlough, home working and reassessing work-life balance is leading to what economists are calling the great resignation. In fact, 38% of UK employees plan to quit their job according to this survey.…
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LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

  There’s nothing quite like a break from work to make you realise how much you dread going to the office. We don’t think anyone should ever feel like this. So if you do have that Sunday Night Dread, then…
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