Solicitors – bold? Allow us to lead the way …

On a beautiful Sunday morning, with indecisions about what work to do first, I pause for reflection.  Tomorrow is the 6-month anniversary since we launched The Employment Solicitor – a firm we like to think, is a law firm with a difference.

With a sense of guilt or maybe even embarrassment I realise that we have not yet released a blog or press release about the launch, the set up or what we have achieved in the last year. So here it is….

Of course it is not that difficult to understand the nature of this business.  The name gives away both our profession and what we do. This was intentional. This is however where the “norm” stops with us as you will quickly glean from this blog.

With such a bold name, we always understood the need to make ourselves and the brand worthy of the name. This is exactly what we have done. Instead of a marketing manager, we appointed a talented brand manager to ensure that we presented an innovative brand, website, office and delivered an unforgettable client experience.

Our target was to create an environment which was friendly, relaxed but felt more like a design agency than law firm.  How many law firms do you visit that provide an extensive drinks menu and handpicked luxury sweet treats? How many have a box of colouring books for children, feedback board, swanky fish tank? Gone are the days of the big clunky computer and 1980s shabby conference room.

Based around a canal basin and opposite a café on canal boat, our views consist of water, boats, swans and, occasionally in summer, people basking in the sun. It is a location to be proud of and one which offers clients a brief moment of peace or hope of better times.  All of this immediately says to the world that we, as lawyers, are different.

In terms of our journey getting to this place, the firm was set up at a time when all within the management team were or had recently battled through loss, health issues or other personal strife. Determination and team work meant we did not falter. If anything, it made us more focused on what we wanted to achieve.

For our clients, we aim to offer a service which is focused on what they look for, not the offering that lawyers have traditionally provided, which is what they think consumers want. We are here to break down barriers and find new ways of working. For individuals experiencing problems at work, our objectives are easily met as, we feel, so few lawyers truly understand what people want and need when they are going through such an awful ordeal.

For employers, competition is aplenty, the focus is more about improving means of access, standards, services and consistency.  Saying this, our work with employees is put to best use by very effectively applying it to problem solving for employers.  So many problems at work can be resolved by objectivity and the tone of communications.

Well, work is calling so my time is up for this blog. I however write this with a sense of accomplishment in knowing what we have achieved in the last 6 months and intrigue as to where we will end up by, quite simply, listening to the marketplace as opposed to the lawyers.

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