The relationship between employer and employee is one of the most complex in our modern society and can be fraught with problems. It is based on a contract, which should be in writing (see Contracts and Policies) but is not always, and which includes implied terms such as the duty of mutual trust and confidence.

Maintaining this trust at the same time as maintaining discipline in a workforce is a tricky balance to achieve. And sometimes things go wrong – which is when you need to pick up the phone to The Employment Solicitor.

We can advise you on every aspect of managing your workforce, from the start of the relationship with your employees to its end. So, it may be problems with a new employee during their probationary period, or dismissing an employee who has committed an act of gross misconduct; dealing with a complaint of sexual harassment from an employee or managing an employee on long-term sick leave; managing a redundancy process or the departure of a senior employee who no longer fits into the business – we are just a phone call away and will provide you with the advice and guidance you require, whatever the situation.

The approach we take when advising you will be partly dependent on your attitude to risk, as well as, of course, your desired outcome. Our advice is underpinned by an understanding of the need to manage risk and offer commercial options and solutions. Our expertise lies in the ability to combine risk management with achieving commercial outcomes, and this is why our business clients have been coming to us for advice for many years. And it is why they choose to retain us on The Employment Solicitor HR option – this gives them peace of mind, knowing we are just here when they want us. Why not give us a call and find out more?