With the management of employees becoming ever more complex and the myriad of employment laws to comply with, more and more businesses are choosing to outsource their HR function.

This can be a more cost-effective solution for the SME, for which employing an HR manager would be an unjustified overhead, and it can provide an enhanced service to larger businesses who have someone who manages HR internally.

We have developed a comprehensive and cost-effective service which we offer to all businesses: The Employment Solicitor HR. At the outset, we conduct a thorough audit of the organisation’s requirements and review any existing contracts and policies. These are then either prepared by us or updated, as necessary. We then become your HR function – we are available 24/7 to deal with any query or issue you may have, regarding your employees (and indeed most other matters as we have an extensive database of experts we can out in touch with you). The service includes regular meetings with you, and your managers, and two training sessions a year.

The beauty of this outsourcing service is its convenience for you – as well as having the cost spread over 12 months, on a monthly retainer agreed with you at the start of the year, you have the reassurance and comfort of knowing there is someone at the end of the phone or the email, who can provide you with support and guidance whenever it is needed. In addition, and most importantly, by retaining us in this way, you are far less likely to face an Employment Tribunal claim from one of your employees, as we will be on hand advising you from the moment the issue arises, with a view to avoiding the risk of claims.

Contact us now and find out more – we are sure you will not be disappointed.