As an employee you should expect the unexpected. Often all it can take is a change of a line manager, new member of staff or change in the direction to the business to either unsettle you or place you in the firing line.

Knowing exactly how you intend to exit a company and developing an effective strategy can help you avoid difficulty in leaving.

Whilst you may try and work through the growing problems, if they persist for too long you may find that you start to feel unwell, untrusting of your employer and/or that the problems are insurmountable.

For those who reach the point of despair and believe that their future career with the employer is in jeopardy, we provide a specialist service to help employees identify all the options open to them. At the time it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. We will safeguard an employee’s position, and provide much needed support that allows the employee to focus on their future whilst we work hard to identify and achieve a successful exit.

Exit planning is designed to put in place a strategy to protect an employee whilst achieving an exit from the company on the best possible terms, often resulting in a settlement agreement. In our opinion, this is one of the best services we can provide, as it can very effectively avoid the necessity of an Employment Tribunal Claim.

If you are looking for an exit strategy please contact us and we will explore all available options for you.