Protecting personal data now must rise to the top of the agenda for all businesses. From 25th May 2018 every business must not only become GDPR compliant but then maintain compliance in fear of eye watering fines.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires every business regardless of size to comply with very strict rules when processing personal data. The requirement to become GDPR compliant applies to all businesses from a self-employed person working for a few different businesses, an independent contractor to SMEs and multi million pound companies. There is nowhere to hide from the requirement to become GDPR compliant.  Once GDPR compliant, businesses are expected to maintain compliance and processing standards. Fines for breaches are intended to be punitive and, more serious breaches must legally be automatically referred to the ICO.

The introduction of GDPR has and will require almost every business to take urgent steps to maintain compliance. Processing personal data is at the heart of every business as it includes but is not limited to those signed up to newsletters, customers, employees and even prospective customers or people applying for work.

Whilst GDPR compliance cannot be bought ‘off the shelf’, we offer assistance with the below listed products and services:

  • Free GDPR board level awareness training
  • Data mapping materials and toolkit

  • Internal policy packs
  • Staff training
  • GDPR advice line
  • GDPR project plan
  • Processing consents
  • External privacy statements
  • Subject access requests & data subject rights
  • DPO Assist

  • Updated GDPR contracts of employment

  • Contracts with processors and sub processors
  • Data breach toolkit

If you require something more bespoke, please contact us.