When things go wrong and you are faced with an Employment Tribunal claim brought by an employee, or former employee, we are your first port of call.

If you receive notification of a claim from the Employment Tribunal, this means any attempt at negotiation, either through your internal dispute resolution processes or via ACAS early conciliation, has been unsuccessful – or you have chosen not to engage in negotiation or conciliation.

Whatever the context, you only have 28 days from the date you receive the claim to file the company’s defence, known as the ET3 or Response. If we have only just been instructed on the matter, this is not long for us to gather the information we need to prepare the Response. Therefore, early action is essential.

Once the litigation process has started, the Tribunal will fix a date or dates for a hearing and a timetable will be agreed for the actions that need to take place before that hearing. There will be deadlines which must be adhered to, to avoid your defence being struck out, and to ensure all the relevant evidence is before the Tribunal for the hearing.

Our expertise lies in identifying the key issues in the claim, so that we can establish your defence and gather the relevant evidence but, above all, we will develop with you a strategy to ensure you achieve a commercial outcome.