Unhappy at Work? You Need to Read This

Unhappy at work, disillusioned, feeling like your days are numbered or is it just time to move on because…?

So many of us feel this way. The feeling can come and go; however, if it becomes a common thought during your working week, or you live for the weekend a little too much, it is important you recognise this and reflect.

If that feeling continues for too long, the workplace can become unhealthy which, in turn, can start impacting you both at work and home.

Having supported thousands of clients, we can confidently say the worst thing you can do is do nothing, and unknowingly allow yourself to fall into a downward spiral or allow yourself to become disengaged and dilute that passion, drive or ambition burning within.

At The Employment Solicitor, we offer a truly unique service which we refer to as ‘exit strategy’, which offers honesty, practical advice and direction designed to help you move to a better place. In our humble opinion, this is the best and most efficient service we can offer. The secret to the success of this service is our early instruction.

If this resonates, you would be well advised to keep reading; as a recent client said to us, we offer the opportunity of a new beginning she did not think was possible.

So When Does it Apply?

There are a million potential reasons why you could feel unhappy at work, why you might want to walk away and start afresh. However, your financial circumstances, a loss of confidence or determination to “stick with it” and not be beaten can result in you feeling low in energy and/ or simply unable to consider change.

Alternatively, issues can grow without you realising how much the situation is affecting you. You may be feeling uninspired, unsupported, untrusted or uncomfortable or generally unhappy with the way that the company is evolving. You may feel you have a target on your back, be threatened with disciplinary proceedings or having to face the prospect of pursuing a grievance against management or a colleague.

You may generally have that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that won’t go away. All of these feelings or issues are unlikely to go away or be resolved on their own.

Whilst you can do your best to manage and “see how it goes”, our best advice is not to deal with this on your own. Instead, reach out to us, even if it is for a sense check or independent view as to whether the situation is recoverable.

What Exactly is Exit Planning?

Exit planning is exactly as it sounds – it is you planning your exit on the best possible terms when taking into consideration your circumstances. This can range from an expedited but controlled exit or, alternatively, a long-term plan designed to give you as much recovery or security as possible. Ideally, all plans would target financial compensation on departure although, of course, it’s not always about money.

Indeed, the absolute priority is to safeguard, recover or protect health. Only those who have experienced workplace stress or problems understand how much it can infiltrate into every aspect of your life.  We get it and talk a language you will be able to relate to.

Our aim is to help you move on with as little pain as possible whilst protecting professional relationships, and, we hope, delivering a beneficial severance package. Rather than questioning whether this is for you, just contact us or give us a call on 0800 3688820 to talk through your situation (you can drop us an email, if easier). Trust us, you won’t look back.

Whatever your reason, having a solid exit plan in place will ensure that the transition is a smooth, stress-free one, and will also make sure that you are ready to move onto your next adventure with ease and excitement.

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