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Being with the firm a little over 3 months, though it feels like much longer, I thought now would be a good time share my experience of my time so far at the Employment Solicitor as a Senior Paralegal.

Where to start… firstly perhaps with a brief background to my career. Leaving school at 16 years old I felt education was not for me, with average grades and no subject to feel particularly passionate about I thought I would put to use my common sense and business focused mind-set. This lead me to an apprenticeship alongside NVQs in business and administration and then finally to the role of Front of House Manager in a 4-star hotel at 19 years old. I am ambitious and have consistently craved a career path that I can feel passionate towards. Although I had already established a suitable career, I needed to think again.

With few qualifications I thought more doors may open if I were to go back to university to gain the equivalent of A-levels and so I began a foundation degree course. It was on this course I completed a module titled ‘The Foundations of English Law’. I’d found it, a career path and purpose to satisfy my passion.

After my 3-year law degree, working uncompromisingly throughout, I achieved a first class. From someone who assumed they didn’t have the capability to gain A-levels, this was and still is quite a shock. But nevertheless proves that hard work pays off.

I then began my paralegal career with traditional law firms and built up my experience becoming more certain in my desire to specialise in employment law.

Then came my interview with the Employment Solicitor. After feeling downhearted and certainly undervalued throughout some of my paralegal experiences, this came as an extremely welcome surprise.

The office being unlike any law firm I had seen, modern, every detail being given careful consideration, like a design business even. Then experiencing both an open and honest interview with like-minded people (not to mention great coffee and treats). I felt inspired, and I have continued to be inspired since.

Here it’s different. My ideas are appreciated and listened to, I have plenty of interaction with client’s which has always been important to me, the partners challenge me yet never fail to support me and most importantly, I look forward to coming to work.

I know that I will continue to grow here and learn from exceptionally talented lawyers and I feel ready for my new challenge as I prepare to move into my role as a Trainee Solicitor this September…

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